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Moral Management Charter

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Moral management chart

  • One! We shall make an effort sincerely for the development of myself and Corporation with the pride as an employee Ulsan Metropolitan City Facilities Management Corporation.
  • One! We will grant the equal opportunity based on the trust on each individual and respect the personality and the creativity.
  • One! We will make the best effort for the citizen, the owner of the facilities to use the facilities in pleasure and convenience by the perfect management.operation of facilities.
  • One! We will keep the honesty and upright as basic virtue and keep the sound life attitude and make the clean workplace with the performance of the matters without dishonesty and suspicion.
  • One! Every transaction shall be done in transparency and fairness and we will keep the transaction regulation according to the trust and the sincerity.
  • One! The unique information of the company and the information which was obtained from the working shall be protected as an asset of the company and we will make an effort to achieve the management rationalization and the creation of new information.
  • One! We will participate to pursue the common prosperity by settling the future oriented labor-management culture based on the trust and harmony between the labor and the management.
  • January 2, 2010
    Officials & Employees of Ulsan Metropolitan City Facility Management Corporation